Helping Hands

Lynn McIntyre


Health & Senior Services

Pastel Dragonfly
Pastel Dragonfly

From time to time, all of us require out-patient tests or surgical procedures, particularly as we age. While I can't take the test or undergo the procedure for you, I can relieve some of the stress of the day by providing reliable transportation as well as a friendly, sympathetic face to help you through the ordeal. I can also assist after the procedure by filling prescriptions for you and/or staying with you while you recover, even overnight if necessary. My car will accommodate a wheel chair or walker.

For anyone unable to drive, I can provide caring and attentive transportation to and from these events or just about anywhere else you'd like to go.

  • •Doctor Appointments
  • •Hair/Nail Salon Appointments
  • •Religious Meetings & Services
  • •Club or Sporting Events
  • •Visiting Friends & Relatives
  • •Concerts, Museums, Movies, Plays, etc
  • •Shopping
  • •Going to Lunch

Bear in mind that I do not offer "just a ride" - I truly enjoy helping people and spending time with them hoping to make their day a little brighter. I am also available as a personal companion, to play cards, games, read a book aloud (with a little added flair), or just someone caring who you can talk to.

If you still enjoy gardening but need a little help, I can help you with that also. For those of you who are caregivers, I can relieve you for a few hours or days so you can have time to relax and recharge.